More than visuals.

In 2015, I built niche websites with a focus on learning SEO and the affiliate marketing business. I designed these websites with Gestalt Principles in mind in order to improve the click-through rates on my ads and keywords. Unknowingly, I had dipped my fingers into the world of UX. Within a couple of years, I had started taking on freelance projects building applications around my customers’ needs and constraints—another important aspect of UX design. All the while my time as a research engineer had introduced me to UX research. By 2019, I founded my first startup trying to solve a problem through design. Still, I can reflect on my experiences—how does one approach a problem? how does one identify an opportunity? how does one handle tradeoffs? and how does one drive the idea forward?—and see the design process take shape.

Here’s what’s on my shelf.

Valuable Resource

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Creative constraint

Unlock creativity while working with constraints.

Team Effort

Embrace collaboration to address business needs.

Design System

A widely popular design system methodology.

Design Principles

Design Systems are more than a components-only guide.

Equity Design

Make design solutions meet the varied needs of users.

UX & Marketing

Designing a product and learning how to sell your ideas.


A list of essential tasks and activities when developing design systems.

User Interface

UI templates and best practices.


Peer-reviewed literature

Automated evaluation of service oriented architecture systems: a case study

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Modeling User Behaviors to Enable Context-Aware Proactive Decision Support

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CEDARS: Combined exploratory data analysis recommender system

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Recommender system for exploratory data analysis

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Meta-Agent Based Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems for SOA System Evaluation

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