Welcome to our creative design studio

Information Architecture

Plan plan plan. We like to spend a lot of time planning, and we do it because it’s an important step in designing anything, you wouldn’t build a house without blueprints, so similarly you wouldn’t build a website without a plan.


While it’s true that we like our technology we wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t know what we were doing when it comes to design. Web design is unlike traditional design in many ways, its about taking tried and test design principles and putting it into an environment of continuous user interaction. It sounds techie because it is and we embrace it.

Over here design is just as technical as the programming it takes to build it. We use every tool of the trade and then some. We design things to look pretty and function well, we are particular about the things you should expect a design company to be particular about like, spacing, white space, leading, kerning and so on. But we are also particular about some things that you might not have heard about because it’s a “web thing” like anti-aliasing on screen fonts, how an icon looks at 32x32px or 16x6px, the 5 different states of a button to name a few. It’s the little details that we sweat but its what we believe adds our signature on the work that we create.


Depending on the needs of our clients, this phase can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The size of the build depends on the project and can involve anything from HTML or programming, iPhone developement, CMS creation to animation...etc.

Like our design process, we like to involve our Clients in this phase so we can make sure we're always on the same page and show you our progress. We set milestones ahead of time that let our Clients know when they will be able to see a "build" or prototype of the project so they feel just as much involved in the process. Teamwork. Yes we can.

Planning and strategy

Our strategy phase involves assessing the unique business goals of each project and putting together a plan that executes them online effectively.

We've been in this business for awhile now, and we understand the many ways that online strategy differs from all other kinds. What may seem like a good idea on paper, does not always translate into an effective or meaningful user experience.

So we take our knowledge of best practices and years of experience and apply it to everything we do so that our projects are innovative and most importantly- relevant to users.

Quality Assurance and Testing

PQA: fancy speak for making sure your product works and that it works well. Without this step, nothing goes live.

After development is complete, our teams dedicate their time to going through the product to ensure that there are no bugs or issues. We test in all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome on both Macs and PCs.

When appropriate, we also work with our Client's internal QA team to ensure everything is running smoothly and meeting all necessary requirements.


Everyone's favorite part! To ensure these go as smoothly as possible, we like to plan ahead. We'll make sure you have a prototype of your final product before it is launched. Once you are happy with it and have given us the Go Ahead, we move into launch mode.

Since the internet can be an un-predicable beast at times (bless her heart, we love her anyway), we ensure that the product is tested post launch as well as prior. At this point we also look at making sure the appropriate tracking analysis has been put in place, and that your site is SEO friendly.p>